HV Equipment

UHF PD Sensors

UHF PD Sensor CT-1


  • Acquisition of high frequency transients caused by PD at joints and terminations of medium and high voltage cables, transformers, motors and other electrical equipment
  • Safe operation: installation at ground potential, passive components only
  • Easy and quick installation, small dimensions
  • Wide frequency range (30 - 900 MHz)
  • Optimized for measuring instrumentation with input impedance of 50 Ohm 
  • Can be used with oscilloscopes, UHF PD detectors and spectrum analyzers

UHF Drain Valve Sensor


  • Decoupling of PD signals from the inside of oil-immersed components in power transformers
  • Built-in protection, grounded for low frequency potential
  • UHF-50 and UHF-80 versions available for standard DN 50 and DN 80 drain valves
  • Easy and leak free installation of oil-filled transformers and reactors
  • Sensor can be installed while equipment is online
  • Suitable for temporary measurements as well as permanent installation for continuous online monitoring
  • Performs UHF signal measurements with transformer tank acting as natural shield against external interferences
  • Wide frequency range (200 - 1200 MHz)


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