HV Equipment

Measuring Impedances & Couplers

HCD-1 / HCD-2 Measuring Impedance


  • Decoupling of PD current pulses used in series with a coupling capacitor in standard measuring circuits to convert into voltage pulses for analysis with a PD detector according to IEC 60270
  • Additional signal output for voltage measurement and synchronization of the test voltage for phase-resolved measurements
  • Voltage output with a fixed low voltage capacitance (HCD-1) or switchable to different capacitances (HCD-2)
  • Female BNC signal output connectors (PD Pulse and Test Voltage)
  • Robust metal housing with grounding rail
  • Built-in over-voltage protection circuit

HBD-1 Bridge Impedance


  • Decoupling of PD current pulses through a bridge circuit as defined in IEC 60270 to convert into voltage pulses for analysis with a PD detector
  • Bridge circuit allows higher measurement sensitivity compared to a conventional PD measuring circuit
  • 2 channels for connection to low voltage sides of the test object and coupling capacitor
  • Rejects external disturbances
  • Built-in amplifier for increased signal-to-noise ratio
  • Robust metal housing with grounding rail 
  • Over-voltage protection circuit for input channels

PD Coupler HCD-17 / HCD-24


  • Integrated coupling capacitor and measuring impedance for the decoupling of PD signals from standard measuring circuits according to IEC 60270
  • 2 nF coupling capacitance for high PD measurement sensitivity
  • Rated voltage of 17.5 kV (HCD-17) and 24 kV (HCD-24)
  • Composite signal output (superimposed PD and voltage) requiring only one cable for installation
  • Synchronized voltage signal for the analysis of phase-resolved PD patterns
  • Especially developed for permanent installations
  • For continuous on-line monitoring or periodic PD measurements at generators and motors
  • Integrated with high voltage fuse

Optional Accessories:

  • HCB-3 Connection Box: 3-phase termination and connection box with over-voltage protection
  • HSB-1 Splitting Box: splits composite signal into PD and synchronization voltage


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