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DPA 75 C

Small, handy, robust, and reliable
The portable BAUR Oil Tester DPA 75 C 

Main Features

  • Fully automatic measurement of the dielectric strength of insulating oil up to 75 kV
  • Integrated battery with long operation time out in the field
  • Clear and reliable results through the latest measurement technology
  • Repeatable breakdown measurement in mineral, silicone, and natural ester
  • Modern and robust design for onsite testing

The BAUR oil tester BAUR DPA 75 C is developed especially for mobile usage and it is unique in the market due to its functionality and the excellent user benefits in comparison to the costs. The BAUR DPA 75 C provides clear and reliable measurement results. It is no longer necessary to send samples to the laboratory. Environmental and transport influences on the samples are minimized. Due to its design, the tester BAUR DPA 75 C is particularly handy, easy to operate and especially excellent to use under tough ambient conditions.

The breakdown voltage test with BAUR DPA 75 C is used to evaluate the degree of impurity in insulating liquids due to foreign particles and water. It meets current regulations and is economically useful to protect electrical systems such as transformers and switches, as well as, medical and security systems from damage and breakdowns. The main reason for such damage is the poor condition of the insulating oil. 


  • Test voltages up to 75 kV
  • Ergonomic design for high efficiency, usability, and safety
  • Mains or battery operated with internal, rechargeable batteries
  • Battery runtime of up to one working day for mains independent continuous use on-site
  • Switch-off time below 10 microseconds for reliable and reproducible results through multiple measurements
  • Clear breakdown detection with measurement principle directly on the high voltage side
  • Repeatable breakdown measurements even on silicone oils and ester fluids
  • Automatic self-test with HV output voltage test
  • Fully automatic measuring sequences from 18 programmed test standards and 10 user-programmable test sequences
  • Oil-proof membrane keyboard, easy to read LCD display, and integrated printer
  • Built-in sensor for temperature measurement of the insulating oil
  • High quality test vessels
  • EMC shield to prevent damage to IT infrastructure

Optimum data management
BAUR Oil Testing Software ITS Lite

Main Features

  • Automatic archiving of measurement logs in .pdf or .txt format
  • Structured storage and allocation of measurement logs
  • Customized layout of measurement logs
  • Fast and uncomplicated access to measurement data

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