HV Equipment

SGSA (Up to 1,200 kV)


The SGSA impulse generator is the smallest of its range. They are recommended for medium voltage, small power transformer manufacturers and other general purpose impulse testing for switchgear, bushing, etc. SGSA impulse test systems can be used to generate impulse voltages simulating lightning strikes and switching surges. Applications covered include testing according to IEC, ANSI/IEEE, as well as other international standards. The basic system can be upgraded in various ways for special tests and for greater ease of operation. A number of additional circuits and components allow users to further optimize tests on different kinds of high voltage test objects.


  • Total charging voltage 100 to 1200 kV
  • 5 kJ stage energy
  • Reliable and accurate triggering by improved Marx circuit
  • Handy plug-in resistors and connections
  • Unique protective grounding device
  • Ease of operation with modern control system
  • Impulse wave shape analysis according to latest IEC and ANSI/IEEE standards
  • Compact Design
  • Short Configuration times

DATA SHEET:     SGSA Impulse Voltage Test System

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