HV Equipment

PD-SGS Handheld Online PD Detector


PD-SGS provides greater safety for test personnel - switchgear can be tested for safety risks before starting work. A quick evaluation of the entire substation can be conducted in order to use the measurement results to effectively plan cost-efficient further investigations or immediate maintenance. 

Rapid identification of PD activities in switchgear and cable accessories                

  • 2 integrated sensors: TEV and Acoustic
  • Detection of transient earth voltages (TEV) across the surfaces of switchgear
  • Detection of PD activities on switchgear components, such as busbars and cable accessories by means of ultrasound location
  • Acoustic and numerical display of ultrasound and TEV results
  • Acoustic output via headphone connection or integrated loudspeaker
  • Automatic detection of background interference signals
  • Optional parabolic reflector and laser pointer extension kit for pinpointing surface tracking or corona discharges
  • User-friendly handheld device with minimum training required


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