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Cable Locators / Cable Tracers



Easy to use Cable Locator

CL 20 Cable Locator


Main Features:

  • Fast and exact location of position and laying depth of cables
  • Intuitive operation - No special measurement knowledge required
  • Graphics display with digital and barograph indication of signal strength
  • Digital display of cable depth
  • Current measurement for identification of target cable
  • Automatic gain control
  • 4 active search frequencies: 815 Hz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, and 82 kHz 
  • Passive 50/60 Hz location of live cables 
  • Powerful frequency transmitter with automatic load matching 

The Cable Locator CL 20 is unchallenged for successful location in a variety of situations. Capable of locating long or short cables, inductive or directly coupled, using active transmitter frequencies or passive (50/60 Hz), the CL 20 is a lightweight, user friendly instrument in ergonomic design that delivers quick and accurate readings.

BAUR Locator Set / UL 30

All in One Set for Tracing, Depth Evaluation, and Pin-Pointing of Cable Faults

UL 30 Locator Set


Main Features:

  • Route tracing of cables and metallic gas and water pipes 
  • Depth evaluation of cables and metallic pipes 
  • Cable selection 
  • Cable detection on live lines 
  • Location of cable and line joints 
  • Accurate location of cable faults according to the twist method 
  • Accurate location of cable faults according to the acoustic method 
  • Acoustic pin pointing combined with propagation time measurement (indication of fault distance, only with BM 30 ground microphone)

The Locator Set is used for tracing and depth evaluation of cables. Using additional accessories, pin-point fault location is enabled by the choice of acoustic method, step voltage method, twist method, and acoustic propagation time measurement. The standard set consists of the following components:

  • Audio frequency transmitter - TG 20/50
  • Audio frequency receiver - UL 30
  • Search coil/Detecting rod SP 30
  • Ground microphone BM 30
  • Headphone, KH 8
  • 2 earth spikes
  • 2 auxiliary lines on a hand reel
  • Transport case


Universal Cable Fault Locator

UL 30 universal receiver and BM 30 ground microphone


Main Features:

  • Acoustic method including manhole distance location
  • Accurate route tracing
  • Digital indication of fault distance
  • Cable depth measurement
  • Location of cable sheath faults
  • Water resistant design
  • Integrated loudspeaker
  • Large illuminated LCD display
  • Digital filters for suppression of traffic noise
  • Easy menu operation
  • Lightweight

For pin-pointing of cable faults the digital Universal Locator UL 30 is used with ground microphone BM 30 and Surge Voltage Generator (SSG/STG). With its integrated acoustic propagation time measurement the UL 30 displays the distance to fault and indicates the position if the fault is reached. The special feature of UL 30 is the calculation of the fault distance between two manholes. In combination with the audio frequency transmitter (TG) and detecting rod (SP 30), the UL 30 is used for route tracing and depth evaluation of electric lines and cables. Sheath fault location can be performed - using the available two earth probes - according to the step voltage method.

BAUR TG 20 / 50

Easy to use, Portable Audio Frequency Transmitter

TG 20/50 tone generator


Main Features:

  • Automatic or manual impedance matching
  • Charging unit and battery are incorporated, battery or mains operation
  • Continuous or impulse mode selectable
  • Two output frequencies selectable
  • Illuminated instrument with display of input and output current
  • Terminals are free from touch
  • High output power, therefore application of twist method possible
  • Socket for loop antenna on side panel


High Performance Audio Frequency Transmitter

TG 600 audio frequency transmitter


Main Features:

  • High output power 600 VA
  • Frequency 2 or 10 kHz, quartz stabilized (other frequencies on request)
  • Potential-free output
  • Impedance matching in 8 steps, from 0.3 to 300 Ohms
  • Selectable reactive current compensation for optimized power matching
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Indication of input and output current 

The high performance Audio Frequency Transmitter TG 600 is specially designed for accurate location of cable faults and joints according to the twist method. The display of input and output current enables optimized impedance matching. A 600 VA and a 60 VA output power range are selectable. The 60 VA range is mainly used for route tracing and depth evaluation of cables.


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