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RF Record and Playback


IZT RecPlay system includes a state-of-the-art wideband recorder with integrated high-performance RF receiver, an external server for data streaming, revolutionary signal generator combining up to 31 virtual signal generators in a single platform, and powerful software application to review and edit recorded data off-line.

The recorder real-time bandwidth covers the entire FM broadcast band simultaneously. Up to 120 MHz real-time bandwidth allows the replay generator to combine multiple recorded and calculated scenarios on its two RF outputs for antenna diversity testing.

IZT’s innovative high-performance Record & Replay system enables reduced costs for field-testing, repeatable test lab results, unsurpassed fidelity reproducing the complete RF environment, and a reduced time to market.


With its very high dynamic range and excellent phase noise the IZT R3301 receiver platform is the ideal solution for the needs of modern digital modulation standards.

  • Portable, rugged design
  • Continuous I/Q data recording
  • Swappable RAID system
  • Built-in GPS for embedded location information
  • 10 V DC to 30 V DC power supply
  • 100 V AC to 240 V AC supply with built-in UPS
  • Control via touch screen
  • Synchronization interface
  • Low RF emissions
  • Built-in high-end IZT R3000 Receiver technology
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Diversity Setup

The system is ideal for handling phase coherent and frame synchronous recordings with multiple antennas at the same center frequency, for example for validation of FM broadcast diversity-tuners.This challenging use case requires a very high accuracy in signal and data processing of the record and replay system.

Multi-Band Setup -- It is possible to record and replay signals with up to eight antennas.

The system elegantly handles frame synchronous recording with multiple antenna channels at different center frequencies. This is an important use case for automotive customers for testing seamless DAB to FM linking in the field. The setup allows also to record DAB and DVB or the GNSS satellite signal and any other service at the same time. The diversity antenna setup and the multi-frequency antenna setup can be combined for covering both a phase coherent FM broadcast diversity and also frame synchronous DAB recording by using a IZT RecPlay setup consisting of three synchronized RF recorders.



Replay of the RF signals is done with signal generator IZT S1000 / IZT S1010. Unique among signal generators available today, the IZT S1000 / IZT S1010 has been specifically designed to replay complex signals consisting of a large number of discrete carriers.

  • 9 kHz to 3 GHz frequency range
  • 120 MHz bandwidth
  • 31 Virtual Signal Generators
  • Diversity replay for two antennas
  • Phase synchronous replay of diversity signals
  • Continuous data streaming of 225 MB/s
  • Sharing of the available streaming capacity
  • Real-time impairment simulation
  • Modulators for DAB, DAB+, DMB, DRM 30,
  • DRM+, XM, Sirius, HD Radio
  • Universal ARB function with up to 8 GB RAM
  • Easy to use compact setup
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Signal Suite Data Processor & Viewer Software

The IZT Signal Suite ‘Data Processor’ is a powerful unique data processing application that allows to review and edit recorded data off-line. Its exceptional feature is extracting individual signals from wideband recordings, which means an easy to use cut-out function in time and frequency domain. Some highlights:

  • Signal extraction of individual signals
  • Fast interactive display of spectrum and spectrogram
  • Meta data display, like receiver settings and location information
  • Markers in spectrum and spectrogram, e.g. reference, delta, TOA
  • Supports processing diversity and multi-channel recordings
  • Extraction of signals selected in spectrogram with adjustable time range and individual center frequency and conversion into IZT S1000 /S1010 replay files or other I/Q data formats.
  • Several plug-in interfaces enable various additional functionality in combination with the Data Processor application:
  • I/Q data interface via plug-in ‘Signal Import/Export’
  • Analog and digital demodulation of recorded signals, e.g. CW, AM, FM, DAB
  • Map visualization of embedded NMEA data via plug-in ‘GPS Interface’
  • Synchronous video replay via plug-in ‘Video Camera Interface’
  • Viewing and analysis of spectrum/specrogram recordings in scan mode via plug-in ‘Panorama Scan’
  • Fast zoom and scroll function in spectrum/spectrogram display via plug-in ‘Long-term Spectrogram Recording’

With plug-in ‘Signal Import/Export’ any captured signal can be exported and shared with other IZT S1000 / S1010 users or for later file based analysis with 3rd party tools. It supports a variety of I/Q data formats such as:

  • 8 bit to 32 bit RAW-IQ
  • WAV-IQ including RF64 standard
  • Importing R&S, ESMD, Averna (NI) and other I/Q files