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SiriusXM Simulation Solution

SiriusXM provides a proprietary document titled the “SiriusXM Simulation Buyer’s Guide” which specifies equipment to generate the RF signals required to enable the development and testing of a Sirius and XM band receiver by S/XM technology partners.  The S/XM signaling test files are only available to S/XM partners under the control of S/XM project managers.  These test files must be used in the development of S/XM receivers.  The Guide even warns against using over the air captured S/XM test files (recordings) as they can cause unpredictable receiver behavior, deactivations, and possibly permanent damage to the receiver.

HVT equipment supplier IZT designs and builds the versatile S1000/S1010 Multi-Channel RF Signal generators which can be configured to simulate SiriusXM, HD Radio, DAB, GNSS, AM/FM, FM Diversity, and Video signals for testing automotive infotainment systems. IZT has a long standing relationship with SiriusXM having supplied them with terrestrial repeaters for over 10 years and supporting S/XM with the development of the Next Generation Overlay and the upcoming SX 28 modules.

IZT models S1000/S1010 are the only SiriusXM Certified signal generators capable of producing the full set of SiriusXM signals on a single RF output without caveats or limitations per SiriusXM Simulation Equipment Buyers Guide. These signal generators are also an integral part of the IZT RF Record & Playback Solutions

While impartial, the proprietary Guide clearly indicates that IZT provides the most complete solution to all aspects of SiriusXM testing. IZT equipment can be configured to perform Module Integration, Pre-OTA, & Pre-TA2 automation. All Base Layers and Overlays including the recently released Next Generation Overlay (NGO) are available. The IZT solutions are also SX 28 ready effectively future-proofing this solution. The SX28/X25f modules will be required in all new SiriusXM programs and will be long term “future proof” per SXM.

Direct from the Sirius XM Simulation Equipment Buyers Guide; IZT S1000 Based SiriusXM Simulation Equipment Provides:

  • No limitations, no caveats. ALL other suppliers have caveats and limitations in Guide.
  • Produces the full set of signals for both Sirius & XM Simultaneously on a single RF output. Others require up to 3 separate generators to achieve this or must test one band at a time.
  • Performs Module Integration, Pre-OTA, & Pre-TA2 testing
  • Full Automation Support for XM Band
  • Generates All Base Layer and Overlay Signal Compliment for Sirius & XM
  • Supports Pre-TA2 with the S/XM Receiver RF Performance automation tool (RRFP-SX-9880-0015)

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