HV Equipment

Power/Distribution Transformer Test System

TrafoTest Premium and TrafoTest Compact

ONE operation interface for the COMPLETE LAB

These systems are a revolution in the fully automatic testing of power and distribution transformers. A complete new development using state of the art intuitive software, operated over a big touch screen monitor offers unique user comfort. The accuracy of the system is unmatched, especially at low power factor by using EPRO's standard voltage and current transformers.

Main Features:

  • TrafoTest Premium: System with two big screens, one for operation and one for display of results
  • TrafoTest Compact: System with one big touch screen for operation and display of results
  • Suitable for routine tests and scientific tests
  • Ideal for use in power/distribution transformer factories
  • Tests done according to the latest IEEE and IEC standards
    • Load loss test
    • No load loss test
    • Induced overvoltage test
    • Zero sequence impedance test
    • Temperature rise test (Heat run test)
  • Tests possible to be integrated according to customer's request:
    • Capacitance and tan delta
    • Winding resistance
    • Insulation resistance
    • Transformer turns ratio
    • Partial discharge
    • Many more...
  • Highest accuracy, especially at lower power factor
  • Accuracy proven by primary power standard at PTB (National Metrologic Institute in Germany)
  • Fully automatic test report generation - All tests recorded in ONE integrated test report
  • Tamper proof, safe, and intuitive operating software
  • Galvanic separation between data processing and high voltage for the highest safety standard
  • Highly efficient calibration routine to save time and cost


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