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AC/DC Test Transformers

AC/DC Transformers

HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. can provide AC/DC transformers to be used for generation of high voltage in multiple application cases to meet your factory, laboratory, and on-site testing requirements. All transformers are of the highest quality, extremely reliable, and are guaranteed for a long service lifetime. The transformers are produced according to the customer's requirements, which means that any type of input voltage can be realized and special executions for higher and lower frequencies are possible.

Main Features:

  • Partial discharge free transformers available
  • Models from 30 kV to 500 kV available
  • Extremely reliable and long life devices with estimated lifetime of 30 plus years
  • No need for maintenance or overhauling during the lifetime
  • All kinds of input voltages possible
  • Customer requirements such as field compensation or measurement windings possible

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