High Voltage AC Test Systems

HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. can provide AC test systems to be used for generation of high voltage in multiple application cases to meet your factory, laboratory, and on-site testing requirements. All transformers are of the highest quality, extremely reliable, and are guaranteed for a long service lifetime. The transformers are produced according to the customer’s requirements, which means that any type of input voltage can be realized and special executions for higher and lower frequencies are possible.

PZT AC Transformer

The ACS/PSZ AC Dielectric Test Systems are specifically designed for test applications which require a stable output voltage, even if the load may change during testing. For example for heavy corona, wet tests or pollution tests to name a few. These systems are also especially useful for when the load is inductive, such as inductive voltage transformers. Depending on our customer’s specific needs, it’s possible to stack several transformers – allowing us to reach very high voltages while also taking up very little valuable floor space.

Cylinder Type Transformer Features

  • Flexible high voltage connection options
  • Compact dimensions perfect for minimum space requirements
  • Sophisticated protection features for optimal test object and personnel protection
  • Large range of applications
  • Low acoustic noise level (ca. 65 – 75 dBA)
  • Power compensation inductance guarantees linear voltage distribution for systems with 3 or more stacked transformers and reduces the power required on the primary (LV) side of the test system
  • Option to add air-cushion base frame
PSK AC Transformer

Conventional AC test transformers are especially designed for testing objects of medium capacitance in the factory or outdoors. These systems are particularly suited for tests requiring stable voltage even if the load changes under voltage (heavy corona, wet & pollution tests) or when the load is of inductive kind (inductive voltage transformers). The system duty cycle can be freely chosen and is insured by adding radiators or forced oil cooling to the transformers. These systems are also suited for continuous duty, long duration tests.

Tank Type Transformer Features

  • Specially designed bushings for indoor or outdoor use
  • Large range of applications
  • Low acoustic noise level (ca. 65 dBA)
  • Sophisticated protection features for optimal test object and personnel protection
  • Power compensation inductance reduces the power required on the primary (LV) side of the test system
  • Possibility to use an external oil expansion vessel or protection relay

High Voltage AC System Controls

Several different types of control units for the AC test systems can be offered and are designed for a number of test applications. These provide a safe and easy computer-aided operation of the cylinder type or tank type AC test systems.

GC 257

This state-of-the-art industrial PC based and desk control system is specifically designed for the needs of high voltage testing. This control system is supplied with a Windows based control software package of which the development is based on the experience of three generations of AC test system controls. The system’s hardware has an EMC hardened design for safe use also in the most electrically noisy areas.

OT 257 AC Features

  • Windows control software with easy and intuitive graphic user interface
  • Comfortable desk solution
  • Ability to control: output voltage, regulating voltage and current, rise time, testing time, gap distance, history, alarms, trips, grounding, safety, status visualization, data logging, data storage, status handling, automation, system diagram visualization and online help.
  • Free programmable Sequence mode optimized for automated production testing. A defined test sequence can be set up by the user easily, run by the software and the results are recorded. All test sequences can be recorded and saved for later use or repetition.
  • Full manual operation mode also possible
  • Full visualization of test system with measuring values, switch positions, earthing system, alarms, and warnings.
  • Integration of external measuring devices over ActiveX components and adaptation of its measuring values for remote operation and presetting of measuring devices.
  • OLE interface allows data access from other applications (e.g. Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Automatic test report generation
  • Integrated reporting tool with user-definable layout, logo insertion, etc.
DMI 551

The DMI 551 is an instrument for measurement of AC, DC, and impulse peak voltages by means of 3 independent channels. The instrument also has an implemented flash detector to store and display the last voltage measurement and its polarity once a breakdown occurs. Typical main applications of the unit include measurements of a voltage divider output or for automated product testing where the DMI 551 is integrated into a complete control and measuring platform.

DMI 551 Features

  • AC voltage measurement by capturing rms, peak and peak/√2 values
  • DC voltage measurement and evaluation of mean value and ripple factor
  • Impulse voltage measurement by capturing peak values of lightning or switching impulses
  • Impulse current measurement by acquiring the voltage across a current shunt
  • Triggering of generator and chopping gaps and any other measuring device
  • Flash detection of AC and DC flashovers. The generator can automatically be stopped from recharging
  • Remote control to operate the unit from a computer or a laptop
  • Easy to operate: Large LCD screen, case sensitive softkeys and special function keys reduce setup time and ensure intuitive and safe handling
  • Accurate and reliable: Well established hardware and extensively tested software allows meaningful and credible measurements
  • Customized solution: Due to the flexibility of the DMI 551 many HV measuring applications can be covered with this single device

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