HV Equipment

3730 12 kV Functional Check


The reference capacitor 3730 includes in a compact design a reference 12 kV SF6 capacitor with five calibrated manually selectable tan delta (power factor) levels. It allows a fast functional check of capacitance and tan delta bridges such as the MIDAS 2881, MIDAS micro 2883, or 2823 High Precision Tan Delta Measuring Bridge, or other measuring bridges. The tan delta (power factor) selection is done by a rotary switch on the front of the capacitor.


  • Fast functional testing of tan delta (power factor) measuring instruments by selecting the calibrated values and comparing with the measuring bridge readings.
  • LEMO and BNC output connections available
  • Seven (7) calibrated tan delta (power factor) values for complete range check
  • Delivered in a carrying case for on-site functional check of mobile measuring bridges
  • Wide temperature and humidity range

DATA SHEET:     3730 Reference Capacitor for Measuring Bridges Functional Check

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