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3388 25 kV Standard Gas Capacitor


The 3388 25 kV compressed gas standard capacitor is an indispensable instrument in every high voltage laboratory and test field in which it can be utilized in a wide range of important functions. The compressed gas capacitor is used as capacitance standard in bridge circuits to measure the dielectric dissipation factor tan delta, the dielectric constant, and the capacitance of cables, ducts, insulators, transformer windings and insulates.


  • SF6-filled
  • Rated capacitance: 100 pF
  • Rated voltage: 25 kV
  • Highly stable capacitance with no influence from atmospheric pressure and humidity
  • Very low internal dissipation factor
  • Partial discharge free
  • Stray capacitances are eliminated from the main circuit by using a guard electrode
  • Maintenance free

DATA SHEET:     3388 Compressed Gas Standard Capacitor

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