HV Equipment

Nominal Capacitors


Nominal capacitors are indispensable instruments in every high voltage laboratory and test field where it occupies a wide range of important functions. From air-filled to SF6-filled, Haefely's range of nominal capacitors are specially built for high accuracy measurements. They can be used as a capacitance standard together with the 2823 High Precision Tan Delta Measuring BridgeMIDAS 2881, or MIDAS micro 2883 to measure the dielectric dissipation factor (tan delta), as a reference capacitor for voltage measurements, or to measure the dielectric constant or capacitance of cables, insulators, transformer windings, etc. 

Models of Nominal Capacitors:

3320 Series of Standard Air Capacitors

3370 NK Series of Standard SF6 Gas Capacitors

3388 25 kV SF6 Gas Standard Capacitor

3730 12 kV Reference Capacitor for Tan Delta Functional Check

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