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MIDAS micro 2883


The MIDAS micro 2883 is a revolutionary Power Factor / Dissipation Factor and Capacitance tester used to test the insulation of high voltage components (i.e. transformers, bushings, capacitors, circuit breakers, surge arrestors, etc). Designed and tested for all types of conditions, the complete instrument is built in one rugged case with casters. With its single-box design, weighing only 25 kg / 55 lbs, this tool can be easily transported to any testing location - in the field or in the factory. All accessories are stored in a robust duffel bag that can be affixed to the case itself. Cable drums make set-up and storage quick and convenient. 


  • Shortest measuring time for power factor, dissipation factor (tan delta), and capacitance
  • Compact, one-box design (25 kg / 55 lbs)
  • 7" color touch screen for easy operation
  • 12 kV high voltage source
  • Variable frequency range of 15 - 400 Hz
  • Accuracy of 0.3% (capacitance) and 1x10-4 (tan delta)
  • Safe operation with interlock, emergency stop, safety checks and HV ground surveillance
  • Three operating modes: basic, guided, advanced
  • Rugged case with included accessories bag
  • Highest accuracy
  • Advanced interference suppression
  • Ability to measure tan delta of insulating oil quickly on site with the 6835 Portable Oil Test Cell

DATA SHEET:     MIDAS micro 2883

BROCHURE:       2293 & MIDAS micro 2883 Transformer Test Solution

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