HV Equipment

Easy Tan Delta

Versatile Tan Delta Tester

Unique and ultra compact device for the tan delta and capacitance testing of various test objects, such as transformers, capacitors, stators of electrical motors, cables, and many more. This device is much easier to operate and more cost effective compared to conventional measuring methods, such as measuring bridges. Efficient measurement data management is provided with the included EPRO Measurement Center software.

Main Features:

  • Easy and fast test setup
  • Plug and play measurement
  • AC voltage amplitude from 0 - 630 V (Higher voltages available upon request)
  • Frequency 10 - 1000 Hz
  • Accuracy of tan delta and power factor measurement ± 0.1%
  • Accuracy of capacitance measurement ± 0.1%
  • Modular design with measurement electronics located in a plug-in module
    • Module can be dismounted for fast and economic calibrations
  • Testing done via included EPRO Measurement Center software
  • Results are recorded in real time and saved in Microsoft Excel format

BROCHURE:  Insulation Test // Easy Tan Delta


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