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2830 / 2831 Combination Dielectric Analyzer


The Tettex 2830/2831 is the result of extensive research and years of experience testing dielectric properties of liquid and solid insulating materials. It incorporates a fast and highly advanced procedure to measure capacitance, tan delta, DC resistance, and relative permittivity (dielectric constant) of liquid or solid insulating materials. A simple one-time-connection system together with resistance measurement according to pre-selected standards drastically reduces measuring time. The system consists of 2830, the measuring bridge and control unit, and 2831, the extension unit.


  • Integrated AC power supply 0 - 2500 V and 40 - 65 Hz, adjustable control
  • Integrated DC power supply 250 V - 2.5 kV, adjustable
  • 2 independent integrated temperature control units
  • Large 12" TFT display with touch screen interface and full graphical test visualization
  • Pre-programmed oil testing standards selectable IEC, VDE, BS, ASTM
  • C and tan delta measurement, DC resistance measurement and relative permittivity or (dielectric constant) of liquid or solid insulating materials made easy - simple one time connection
  • Customized programmable sequence and manual mode
  • Place to connect two oil test cell heater 2903 or one solid test cell 2914
  • Existing Tettex test cells 2903 and 2914 can be used

DATA SHEET:     2830 / 2831 Combination Dielectric Analyzer

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