HV Equipment

HTF-1 / HTF-2 PD Filters


PD filtering can be applied in areas of high electrical noise in which noise suppression is required to reduce the external interferences in PD measuring circuits. Two different models of filters can be offered: band-pass filter (HTF-1) or band-stop and sheath current filter (HTF-2).


  • Reduces external interferences (noise) in PD measuring circuits
  • HTF-1 is a band-pass filter with high passes at approx. 40, 80 and 120 kHz and low passes at approx. 270, 370, 470 and 570 kHz
  • HTF-2 is a band-stop and sheath current filter with adjustable center frequency of the stop-band at 500 - 1800 kHz
  • Handheld, battery operated units in robust metal housing
  • Analog frequency filtering
  • Switchable pre-amplifiers to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio
  • Filter frequencies adjustable with rotary switch

DATA SHEET:     HTF-1 / HTF-2 PD Filters

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