HV Equipment

Portable PD Detector (PPDD)


The Portable PD Detector allows for testing and the quick evaluation of switchgear, cables, and other HV equipment with integrated transient earth voltages (TEV) and non-contact ultrasonic (AA) sensors. The handheld detector is also equipped with a standard BNC interface to allow for the connection of an external HFCT sensor for PD testing of cables. A large integrated LCD display shows the real-time measurement results as a function of amplitude, pulse number, severity, phase-resolved PD pattern, and phase-resolved pulse sequence. Waveform recording can be activated automatically or manually with the ability to save onto a flash drive and export the results via USB or WIFI connection.


  • Small, portable, and battery-operated PD detector
  • Supplied in a rugged transport case
  • TEV and AA sensors integrated
  • Ability to connect external HFCT sensor
  • Ability to record waveforms
  • Large integrated LCD display with immediate analysis of results of PD amplitude, pulse number, severity, phase-resolved pattern and  phase-resolved pulse sequence
  • Save results onto flash drive or export results via USB or WIFI connection

DATA SHEET:     PPDD - Portable PD Detector

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