HV Equipment

Liona Online PD Spot Tester


Liona provides a simple initial assessment of the state of the cable route, the identification of potential problems before faults occur, and allows for the efficient planning of further diagnostic measurements, such as a comprehensive offline VLF diagnostic test. Using the DeCIFer® algorithm, Liona provides meaningful results even in environments with high noise levels.


  • Automatic partial discharge detection during normal mains operation (without switching off the cable route)
  • With DeCIFer® technology - the core of the liona software - clearly differentiate between noise signals and PD signals
  • Automatic differentiation between cable PD and switchgear PD
  • Reliable, cost-saving assessment of the presence of PD in high and medium voltage substations
  • PD detection with capacitive TEV or inductive HFCT sensors
  • Compact, lightweight device in a rugged transport case
  • Online PD mapping possible with the iPD transponder (Option) to identify the source of PD along the cable

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