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KAL 9530 RIV Calibrator


The RIV calibrator KAL 9530 has been designed to perform a RIV calibration together with the DDX 9121b Advanced PD & RIV Detector. The unit introduces the calibration signal at the desired frequency to the test object through a dedicated RIV calibration set (cables, probe and clamp). This special connection set eliminates the voltage drop in the measurement cables at RIV measuring frequencies (850 to 1150 kHz) and therefore guarantees a correct calibration signal.


  • Special RIV calibration set to eliminate cable length effects and to minimize signal interference during calibration
  • Remotely controlled during calibration by DDX 9121b
  • RIV calibration made easy

DATA SHEET:     KAL 9530 RIV Calibrator

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