HV Equipment

HPG-1/UHF Pulse Generator


The HPG-1/UHF allows for functional checks for PD measurements in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) range by generating pulses with time parameters in the nanosecond (ns) range. The output pulse magnitude is adjustable by attenuator switches and various values are possible by combination of 1-, 4- and 16-dB attenuators.


  • Robust metal housing
  • Battery operated with low battery status indicator
  • Pulse rise time < 1 ns
  • Pulse decay time < 1 ns
  • Pulse repetition approx. 650 Hz
  • Pulse magnitude at 50 Ω: approx. 2.8 V
  • Switchable attenuators 1 dB, 4 dB, 16 dB
  • Female BNC signal output connector

DATA SHEET:     HPG-1/UHF Pulse Generator

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