HV Equipment

AKV 9330 (Up to 300 A)


The 300 A measuring impedance is used for PD testing of large power capacitors. This addresses head-on the twin problems associated with large capacitor PD testing - reduced measurement sensitivity and high test current requirement. The AKV 9330 amplifies the PD measuring sensitivity by several folds while simultaneously filtering out the power frequency current up to 300 A. It is an ideal IEC 60270 compliant solution for PD testing of power capacitors or other test objects with very high capacitances.


  • Optimized for power capacitors
  • Easy to connect
  • Large input current up to 300 A
  • High sensitivity
  • Power frequency filter
  • Active coupling impedance with power supply included
  • Measuring band exceeds the requirements of IEC 60270
  • Easy integration or replacement into existing test system due to its compact design and standard BNC outputs

DATA SHEET:     AKV 9330 Measuring Impedance for Power Capacitors

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