HV Equipment

AQS 9110a (Up to 6 A)


The AQS 9110a quadripole (measuring impedance) is a fully passive measurement system designed for simultaneous measurement of high-frequency discharge pulses as well as the HV test voltage. The AQS9110a is equipped with a user selectable three positions internal voltage divider for different capacitances.


  • Designed for PD and RIV measurements
  • Easy to connect
  • High input current up to 6 A
  • Switchable internal voltage divider (3 ranges)
  • Passive coupling impedance: no batteries or charger needed
  • Measuring band exceeds the requirements of IEC 60270
  • Built-in over-voltage protection
  • Due to the switchable capacitances the unit can be tuned to work with up to three different coupling capacitors or three different output voltages ranges
  • Easy integration or replacement into existing test system due to its compact design and standard BNC outputs

DATA SHEET:     AQS 9110a Measuring Impedance

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