HV Equipment



The 9230/30/9-PD is a 30 kV coupling capacitor with an integrated AKV 9310 measuring impedance and high voltage filter in a compact design for partial discharge measurements. It is optimized for measuring partial discharges together with the PD detector DDX 9121b. An incorporated half-T filter on the high voltage electrode attenuates the interferences coming from the power supply and increases the sensitivity of the PD measuring circuit. The filter is protected from over-voltage by a mechanical spark gap.


  • All in one solution including the coupling capacitor, measuring impedance, and HV filter
  • Rated for 30 kV test voltage
  • Rated coupling capacitance of 9 nF
  • High capacitance for better measurement sensitivity while measuring large capacitive test objects
  • PD free (< 1 pC)
  • Outputs for PD pulses and voltage synchronization 
  • Portable and perfect solution for on-site measurements 

DATA SHEET:     9230/30/9-PD Coupling Capacitor

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