HV Equipment

9230 Series


The Haefely 9230 high voltage capacitor series consists of a modular HV capacitor, which fitted with an appropriate measuring impedance or AC secondary unit, can be used for partial discharge measurements or AC voltage measurements. For PD measurements, a measuring impedance is placed in series with the coupling capacitor and the PD pulses are then captured and transferred to a PD detector.


  • Models available rated voltage up to 200 kV 
  • Coupling capacitance of 1 or 10 nF
  • High stability in capacitance values
  • PD free (< 1 pC)
  • Large base frame with heavy duty swivel casters
  • Base frame prepared to add measuring impedance for PD testing or secondary unit for AC voltage measurements
  • Optional HV filter available to attenuate interference from power supply and improve signal-to-noise ratio

DATA SHEET:     9230 HV Capacitors for PD or AC Measurements

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