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PD Equipment - Partial Discharge Testing

HVT provides you with accurate and reliable systems for measurements of test signals in laboratories, power utilities and manufacturers of electrical transmission and distribution apparatus.

PD Smart Image

Doble Lemke PD Smart Electrical and PD Smart UHF PD Test System
The Doble Lemke PD-Smart is a versatile, multi-application partial discharge (PD) analyzer especially designed for day-to-day field use. The rugged and easy-to-handle PD-Smart has a wide variety of application to include cable, transformer, rotating machine and switchgear testing. With its capability to conduct both on-line and off-line measurements, there really are few places you can't use a PD-Smart

Partialdischarge PDS 100

Doble Lemke Partial Discharge Surveying tool PDS100
The PDS100 is an RFI surveying tool that is designed for use in a live substation. Without the need for outages or special connections, the unit can detect partial discharge (PD) in just a few seconds thus making it an ideal tool for a condition based maintenance (CBM) program. Whole substations can be surveyed and analyzed. The PDS100 is the perfect tool to detect and locate sources of PD.

LDS 6 imange

Doble Lemke LDS-6 and LDS-6 / UHF PD Test System
Digital Partial Discharge Measuring and Diagnostics System for industrial and general HV test floor environments. The LDS-6 is a highly sophisticated digital measuring system for the Partial Discharge (PD)detection according to the standard IEC 60270, VDE 0434 as well as various IEEE and other standards for the High Voltage Test and Measurement Technology. It meets also ICEA T-24-380 standard of the Cable Industry.



BAUR Portable PD Diagnostics System - PD-TaD 62 
Most modern non-destructive partial discharge (PD) diagnostics. Identification and precise location of partial discharges in cable systems. Measures PD levels and locates PD sources reliably over the entire cable line.
Very easy operation via BAUR’s diagnostics software.


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