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PD Equipment - Partial Discharge Testing

HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. provides you with accurate and reliable systems for partial discharge measurements of HV equipment such as transformers, generators, switchgear and cable systems in laboratory or on-site environments.


HTP-2 Digital Partial Discharge Detector

This high resolution stand-alone PD detector can be used for various PD testing applications according to IEC 60270. There are 3 versions available:

  1. HTP-2/D - alphanumeric LCD is situated on the front panel of the detector showing the measuring values in pC and the frequency of the applied test voltage.
  2. HTP-2/W - measuring data access is given via web browser with calibration, test voltage, charge, and various diagrams.
  3. HTP-2/S -  PD detector is supplied with HVT Software Suite for PC operation and with advanced functionality with recording of tests and replay of results.


HTP-2/D PD Detector


HVT Software Suite Overview


Ultrasonic Probe ohv Ultradetect

The reliable ultrasonic probe allows you to sniff out electrical PD signals such as corona, tracking, or arcs by detecting the emitted ultrasound of the discharges, which helps to avoid insulation breakdown damage by early recognition of critical failures. The acoustic level is displayed on the LCD screen and is audible with headphones. Thanks to a number of included accessories and probes, the device can be perfectly adapted to any application. Detection over short distances can be conducted with the air-borne sound probe, or can be adapted for investigating angled locations with a bendable probe. For detection over greater distances, the parabolic mirror and laser pointer can be used. An optional accessory is the body sound probe, which can be used for the location of PD signals on grounded surfaces (e.g., transformers, switchgear, generators, etc.).


Ultradetect Probe


PPDD - Portable PD Detector

The Portable PD Detector allows for testing and the quick evaluation of switchgear, cables, and other HV equipment with integrated transient earth voltages (TEV) and non-contact ultrasonic (AA) sensors. The handheld detector is also equipped with a standard BNC interface to allow for the connection of an external HFCT sensor for PD testing of cables. A large integrated LCD display shows the real-time measurement results as a function of amplitude, pulse number, severity, phase-resolved PD pattern, and phase-resolved pulse sequence. Waveform recording can be activated automatically or manually with the ability to save onto a flash drive and export the results via USB or WIFI connection.

Portable PD Detector


Portable PD Diagnostics System - PD-TaD 62 

Most modern non-destructive partial discharge (PD) diagnostics. Identification and precise location of partial discharges in cable systems. Measures PD levels and locates PD sources reliably over the entire cable line. Very easy operation via BAUR’s diagnostics software.



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