HV Equipment

Report Manager

External USB interface for BAUR oil testers

The BAUR Report Manager is used to automatically export measurement results in .pdf and/or .txt files from BAUR oil testers to a USB drive.

The Report Manager is connected to the USB port on the oil tester and all files saved on the oil tester as well as new reports generated will be transferred to the external device. Once a USB stick is inserted all files on the Report Manager will be exported to the USB drive. This is an ideal tool for when using a BAUR oil tester out in the field or when PC/laptops are not allowed within the testing laboratory.


  • Automatic generation and saving of the measurement results as
    • PDF file with measurement diagram
    • Text file
  • Professional measurement data management for insulating oil testers
  • Easy to use - simple connect and insert USB drive
  • Suitable for ALL BAUR oil testers


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