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RSG 482 Recurrent Surge Generator


The Recurrent Surge Generator 482 is a bench-top, one stage, low voltage equivalent of a high voltage impulse generator. Its wide range of applications includes the testing of models, the study of voltage distribution in high voltage windings during impulse voltage stresses, and the predetermination of the circuit parameters of impulse test plants. Tests can be performed quickly and reliably without endangering personnel. All impulse circuit elements and, therefore, all impulse forms may be varied within broad limits with selector knobs.


  • Small, bench-top model (also rack mountable) with 500 V output
  • Easy access of control knobs and input/output jacks
  • Various impulse waveforms can be created by easily adjusting series and parallel capacitance or resistance, and inductance
  • Internal chopping with broad limits
  • Analysis of impulse waveform on any oscilloscope
  • Ideal for training purposes and R&D experimentation

DATA SHEET:     RSG 482 Recurrent Surge Generator

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