HV Equipment

SGVA (Up to 10,000 kV)


The sophisticated design of the SGVA series considers all requirements of impulse voltage tests imposed by industry and research. This series offers reliable and accurate triggering on account of its patented parallel spark gap leading to low impulse circuit inductance. Resistors are distributed within the generator, stored in easily-accessible compartments, accessible through platforms and internal ladders for rapid stage access and interchangeability. An integrated base frame carries both the generator and the charging rectifier.


  • Total charging voltage up to 10,000 kV
  • 10 to 30 kJ stage energy
  • Reliable and accurate triggering by improved Marx Circuit
  • Handy plug-in resistors and connections
  • Rapid stage and resistors access
  • Unique protective grounding device
  • Integrated base frame carrying generator and charging rectifier
  • Internal ladders and platforms for rapid stage access 
  • Ease of operation with modern control system
  • Impulse wave shape analysis according to latest IEC and ANSI/IEEE standards
  • Short configuration times
  • A modular expandable system that grows with your application needs (up to 10,000 kV)
  • Sophisticated, strong and flexible design

DATA SHEET:     SGVA Impulse Voltage Test System

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