HV Equipment

PD Calibrators


Before any partial discharge test is conducted with high voltage applied, pulses of known charge values must be fed into the test circuit for calibration of the circuit and for determination of the scale factor of the PD measuring system. Various PD calibrators can be supplied for calibration of standardized PD measuring circuits according to IEC 60270, for RIV PD measurements, or for UHF PD measurements.

PD Calibrator Models:

1 - 100 pC, or 10 - 1,000 pC, or 100 - 10,000 pC: KAL 9511 Basic PD Calibrator
1 pC to 50 nC: KAL 9510 Intermediate PD Calibrator
0.1 pC to 50 nC with double pulse mode: KAL 9520 Advanced Reference PD Calibrator
RIV 50 - 3,000 μV:   KAL 9530 RIV Calibrator
UHF pulse calibration: HPG-1/UHF Pulse Generator

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