HV Equipment

PHG 80 Portable

BAUR's largest and most powerful VLF test generator

  • VLF voltages up to 57 kVRMS (80 kV peak) and DC voltages up to 80 kV
  • Fully automatic programmable test sequences via laptop
  • Very powerful 3 kVA generator capable of testing very long cable lengths with cable capacitance up to 20 µF
  • Ideal for cable testing on 46 kV cable systems according to IEEE 400.2
  • Compact 19" housing
  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit or installed in a test vehicle
  • Expandable to a VLF tan delta diagnostic system with PD-TaD 80
  • Expandable to a VLF PD diagnostic system with PD-TaD 80


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