HV Equipment

PHG 80 TD & PD


  • VLF voltages up to 57 kVRMS (80 kV peak) and DC voltages up to 80 kV
  • Largest and most powerful in the BAUR VLF test generator family
  • Fully automatic programmable diagnostic test sequences via PC control
  • Top tan delta precision (1x10-4)
  • High resolution +/- 1x10-5
  • Tan delta can be measured on very long cables with cable capacitance up to 20 µF
  • Ideal for complete cable diagnostic testing of 46 kV cable systems 
  • PD level measurement according to IEC 60270
  • PD source localization and display of PD activity over the cable length
  • Coupling capacitor incl. measuring impedance and PD measuring unit in one device
  • Menu guided control software
  • VLF cable testing with parallel TD and PD testing up to 57 kVRMS


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