HV Equipment

Frida TD

Integrated tan delta measuring capability - No additional external hardware required

Frida TD Features 

  • VLF voltages up to 26.1 kVRMS (34 kV peak) and DC voltages up to 34 kV
  • VLF cable testing and tan delta diagnostics in one device
  • Easy and quick test setup with integrated high voltage cable
  • Automatic testing and tan delta diagnostics or monitored withstand testing according to IEEE 400.2
  • Easy custom programming of testing and diagnostic sequences
  • Based on the measurement results and limit values, the recommendation system suggests an optimal test duration
  • Top tan delta precision (1x10-4)
  • Highest resolution (1x10-6) on the market for accurate and reproducible mean and standard deviation values to be measured during tan delta test routines
  • Immediate tan delta signaling during the test: OK | CRITICAL | BAD
  • USB data transfer and display of measurement data with BAUR Diagnostic Reporter
  • Ideal for complete cable diagnostic testing of 20 kV cable systems 
  • Ideal for maintenance testing of 25 kV cable systems

Parallel TD and PD diagnostics possible in combination with PD-TaD 62



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