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RSKF Variable Frequency Resonant Test System


For onsite cable testing, the HAEFELY variable frequency resonant test system RSKF is a mobile and easy to use solution based on the latest technology in frequency converters for testing up to 500 kV cable class. The RSKF series of on-site cable test systems is based on the latest frequency converters to facilitate testing of long lengths of cable in the field with fixed core, variable frequency reactors. These reactors are lighter and more powerful compared to variable inductance fixed frequency reactors. The system's low noise level is optimized to allow partial discharge measurements, if required.

  • RSKF model available with 165 kV - 60 A and 260 kV - 83 A
  • Frequency range 20 - 300 Hz
  • Pure sinusoidal waveform at system output
  • Universally proven frequency converters 
  • Standard 3 phase generator can feed the system
  • Front end components and control room are air conditioned
  • System noise level ≤ 10 pC for on-site PD measurements
  • Models to match industry standard voltages and currents
  • Integrated solution on one trailer
  • Multiple trailers can be used in series or in parallel configurations 
  • Easy integration with existing fixed-gap reactors (even non-HAEFELY reactors)

DATA SHEET:     RSKF Variable Frequency Resonant Test System

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