HV Equipment

Portable DC Hipot Test Equipment


Portable DC Hipot testers are excellent for withstand testing of PILC cables and for determining the insulation resistances of electrical insulation. With a lowest current reading of 20 nA, the highest accuracy can be achieved.

On-site cable testing acc. to IEEE 400-2012 and IEC 60060-3.

Voltage testing on electrical equipment acc. to IEEE 62.2 and IEEE 95.

Cable sheath testing acc. to IEC 60502, IEC 60229, and VDE DIN 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621).

Portable DC Hipot Testers:

Up to 25 kV:  PGK 25

Up to 80 kV:  PGK 50 / PGK 80    

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