HV Equipment

DAC H200


The Damped Alternating Current (DAC) high voltage H200 is an exceptionally compact, lightweight, and versatile system for testing and diagnosis of high voltage transmission cables up to 192 kVpeak (136 kVrms). It is programmable and features automatic withstand voltage test, partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis as well as PD localization. Control and analysis are user-friendly using the intuitive software.


  • Withstand voltage testing and PD analysis as per IEC 60060-3 and IEEE 400.4
  • Loss factor estimation (tan delta)
  • Maximum charging and peak voltage 192 kV
  • Includes 3 units, approx. 500 kg total
  • Rugged and robust transportation and storage cases
  • Easy and intuitive operation with included diagnostic software

DATA SHEET:     Advanced DAC Test System H200

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