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Cable testing and diagnostics are various techniques used to help assess the overall insulation quality of medium voltage cable systems, such as withstand testing, tan delta testing, and partial discharge testing. Important information is provided that can be used to improve system reliability, reduce repair costs by conducting condition-based maintenance on most vulnerable cables, and prevent unnecessary and costly outages. 

The BAUR cable testing and diagnostics product portfolio covers all the important requirements to quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively test and diagnose the condition of medium voltage cables.

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TrueSinus Digital Technology

Truesinus logo


BAUR's truesinus® is a voltage generation technology invented in 1990 and patented in 1995 for the very low frequency (VLF) high voltage cable test equipment. This unique system with its truly sinusoidal voltage shape (no distortion) allows non-destructive VLF testing and condition evaluation of high voltage cables in compliance with VDE, IEC, and IEEE 400 standards. The truesinus® technology provides a precise basis for significant and reproducible cable tests or condition evaluation with tan delta or partial discharge measurements. Furthermore, simultaneous measurements, such as monitored withstand tests (MWT) or Full MWT can be conducted.

Frida and Frida TD portable VLF testers with truesinus®

Frida TD
Model shown Frida TD


BAUR's lightweight, portable and easy to use Frida VLF test set brings on-site VLF cable testing into the 21st century.

  • Two versions available
    • Frida - Automatic, programmable VLF hipot up to 24 kVrms (34 kVpeak)
    • Frida TD - Perform VLF cable testing with tan delta diagnostics without the need for additional external hardware
  • Output Modes +DC, -DC, VLF sinewave (0.1-0.01 Hz), VLF square wave
  • Extendable to include partial discharge (PD) measurement and parallel PD/TD measurements with PD-TaD 62
  • Cable sheath testing and sheath fault location

Viola and Viola TD VLF testers with truesinus®

Viola TD
Model shown Viola TD


BAUR's Two-part design VLF High Voltage Testing device

  • Two versions available
    • Viola - Automatic, programmable VLF hipot up to 42.5 kVrms (60 kVpeak)
    • Viola TD - Perform VLF cable testing with tan delta diagnostics without the need for additional external hardware
  • Output Modes +DC, -DC, VLF sinewave (0.1 - 0.01 Hz), VLF square wave
  • Extendable to include partial discharge (PD) measurement and parallel PD/TD measurements with PD-TaD 62
  • Cable sheath testing and sheath fault location

VLF Cable Diagnostic Systems PHG Series with truesinus® 

Model shown PHG 80 TD


BAUR‘s most powerful VLF generator

  • PHG 80 Portable up to 57 kVrms (80 kVpeak)
  • Output Modes +DC, -DC, VLF sinewave (0.1 - 0.01 Hz), VLF square wave
  • Extendable to include tan delta (PHG 80 TD) or partial discharge measurement with PD-TaD 80
  • Optimized for VLF cable diagnostics test van systems
  • Ideal for cable diagnosis on plastic, PE / XLPE or EPR and paper insulated mass impregnated cables
  • Van-mounted, stand-alone, or portable versions available

PD-TaD 62: Portable PD Diagnostics System

PD-TaD 60


Most modern non-destructive partial discharge (PD) diagnostics with identification and precise location of partial discharges in cable systems
  • The lightest and most compact PD measuring device on the market
  • Very easy operation via BAUR’s diagnostics software (System Software 3.3)
  • PD diagnostics in combination with BAUR’s VLF cable test sets Frida or Viola and possibility of conducting parallel PD and dissipation factor diagnostics with BAUR's Frida TD or Viola TD 
  • PD location pin-pointing with Partial Discharge Inductor Tracy

Online PD Detection with Liona and PD-SGS

Model shown PD-SGS


Automatic PD detection during normal mains operation (without switching off the cable route)
  • Different sensors available for PD detection (HFCT, TEV, acoustic)
  • Identify and locate potential problems before faults occur
  • Compact, lightweight devices that are easy to transport 

Portable DC Hipot Test Equipment BAUR PGK Series

PGK 50
Model shown PGK 50


DC Dielectric withstand testing has never been easier with these single section one part high voltage hipot testers.

The PGK series hipot test equipment is especially designed to be lightweight, compact, user friendly, and robust. 

DC Hipots available up to 80 kV.

AC/DC Combination Testers BAUR PGK HB Series

Model shown PGK HB 70


The BAUR PGK HB Series combination testers are extremely long-lasting, robust, and cost-effective high voltage testing devices.

Continuous adjustable test voltages with 50/60 Hz mains frequency up to 190 kVrms or DC voltages with positive or negative polarity up to 260 kV can be generated.

The current and voltage display, the safety control unit, and the regulating transformer are integrated in the operating unit, and allows for the operation of the HV unit from a safe distance.


BAUR System Software 3.3

Software screenshot


Asset management support with new functions and easier handling.

  • Cable Testing modes included in one software program
  • Cable fault location
  • Cable hipot testing
  • Tan Delta Measurement
  • Partial Discharge Measurement
  • Joint searching mode
  • Reporting and database asset management


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