HV Equipment

IRG 4000

IRG 4000 Time Domain Reflectometer TDR 

Intelligent, automatic fault location

  • TDR output pulse 20 - 200 V
  • Pulse width 20 ns - 1.3 ms
  • Measuring range up to 1,000 km (~621 miles)
  • Measuring input voltage proof up to 400 V
  • Fully automatic measuring sequences
  • Fully automatic cursor settings
  • 3 phase measurement and display
  • Memory for > 100,000 waveforms
  • 400 MHz high resolution sampling rate
  • Optional insulation resistance measurement up to 1,000 V

The computer aided Pulse Reflection Test System IRG 4000 is the basic control unit for all cable fault location methods. It is specially designed as pulse reflection measuring instrument for fault location on single and three phase cable systems. Latest generation technology is implemented in the expert system, with an integrated 200 MHz transient recorder for the highest measuring accuracy. It offers unique features for intelligent manual and automatic cable fault location.

The windows based software allows every user easy and fast operation of the system. Up to three cable fault location methods can be displayed at the same time on the LCD display. The high resolution and zoom function enable accurate pre-location of cable faults. The design of IRG 4000 has set new international standards in automatic cable fault location.

Measuring Methods with Syscompact Series

  • Time Domain Reflection Method - single or multicore
  • Secondary Impulse Method / Multiple Impulse Method (SIM/MIM) - advanced SIM with SA 32 coupler
  • Secondary Impulse Method, SIM DC - with SA 32 coupler
  • Differential Secondary Impulse Method - with SA 32 coupler
  • Impulse Current Method – with SK 1D inductive coupler
  • Decay Method - with CC 1 capacitive coupler
  • Differential Impulse Current Method – with SK 3D inductive coupler
  • Differential Decay Method with SK 3D inductive coupler


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