A fully integrated system for complete measurements of conducted emission up to 110 MHz. Fast and accurate EMI measurements and innovative modal measurements (common and differential mode) for an effective filter design. The EMSCOPE from Emzer Innovative Lab Instruments combines a 16A LISN, transient limiter and EMI receiver into a compact box designed distinctly for conducted emissions testing. Option EMSCOPE-RX is without an internal LISN but can be used with external LISNs for higher current or three-phase applications

The EMI measurements are compliant to CISPR 16-1-1 using a FFT-based dual channel receiver with Peak, QP and Average detectors. Common and differential mode measurements offer real time results which speeds up RF filter design and troubleshooting and allows better EUT characterization.


Key Features:

  • Receiver, LISN and Transient Limiter in one
  • Options for higher current or three-phase applications
  • Real time FFT measurements
  • Peak, Quasi-Peak and Average detectors fully compliant with CISPR 16
  • Modal measurements
  • Web-based remote control via optical fiber
  • Embedded software
  • Lightweight & compact


Typical EMI measurements only measure Line and Neutral and it is not possible to determine the source of the noise therefore not providing enough information to help design a proper power line filter. These measurements with analog receivers are time-consuming and costly. Modal measurements are a new approach to these measurements and they are important because they detect the conducted noise source, provide a better characterization of the EUT, and minimize the time and effort to pass EMC testing. This allows customers to design precise and effective filter designs to reduce emissions and improve the immunity of electronic equipment.

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In addition to the all-in-one EMSCOPE solution, Emzer also offers 16A dual-channel Line Impedance Stabilization Networks for simultaneous measurements of line and neutral. The LIZN is a new Line Impedance Stabilization Network fully compliant to CISPR 16-1-2 that facilitates the simultaneous measurement in both lines and the extraction of common and differential mode conducted emissions.



EMZ10-200M is a new 200MHz 5W transient limiter which includes an attenuator and a high pass filter. A transient limiter is an essential piece of equipment that should always be used in combination with a Line Impedance Stabilization Network. Voltage spikes are a common occurrence from EUTs so it is important to protect the sensitive input circuit of spectrum analyzers and measurement receivers.


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