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Satellite Channel Emulation

IZT develops Channel Emulators to simulate the transmission from ground station to the receivers for satellite and terrestrial applications.  Frequently requested channel impairment effects include:

  • Doppler effect (delay and frequency changes over time)
  • Ionosphere and interference simulation in the uplink
  • MUX filtering effects
  • Phase noise simulation
  • Non linearities in payload
  • Multipath fading
  • Thermal noise generation in the downlink

IZT’s Channel Emulators combine exceptional RF performance with modern digital signal processing. Customers confirm that measurement results in the laboratory are reproduced over the transmission link once the satellites had been launched to space.


The IZT C3040 is a Wideband Digital Satellite Link Emulator meeting the demanding requirements of today’s communication systems. It offers:

  • 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Input and Output frequencies up to 3 GHz
  • Frequency conversion from input to output
  • Simulation of uplink, payload and downlink
  • Accurate synchronization of multiple IZT C3040
  • Spectrum display with automatic C/N control


The IZT C6000 RF Broadband Satellite Link Emulator is a cost effective and time-saving solution for testing the complete transmission path of synchronous bi-directional satellite links. State of the art graphic user interface enables real -time change of all set-up parameters.  It offers

  • Bi-directional wideband solutions up to 600 MHz bandwidth
  • Simulation of complete satellite links including payload, uplink and downlink effects
  • Simulation of RF stages and fading in terrestrial links
  • Continuous coverage of 8 / 7 GHz X band satellite communications systems
  • Reproducible and complex scenarios
  • Dynamic scenarios
  • Real-time change of parameters
  • Flexible and scalable architecture
  • State-of-the-art Graphical User Interface
  • Remote controllable
  • Long-term support
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