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Radiated Immunity Test Equipment

Radiated immunity testing involves subjecting the equipment under test (EUT) to strong radiated electromagnetic fields. Real world electromagnetic disturbance sources come from a wide range of sources, including cell phones and motors to name a few. The EUT must continue to operate normally and cannot show any signs of susceptibility when subjected to these electromagnetic fields. The electromagnetic fields are generated by feeding a calibrated signal into a broadband RF power amplifier. The output of the amplifier is then connected to an antenna which produces the radiated electric field. 

Radiated immunity test systems can be setup in a conventional way with many separate instruments or in a more convenient way with a control unit. The control unit consists of a signal generator, directional coupler, RF power meter and relay switching unit. RF power amplifiers, antennas, RF field strength meters, RF cables and control software complete the test equipment setup. 

IEC 61000-4-3 Radiated Immunity Test System

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