EMC Equipment

300kV ESD Test System


Montena's helicopter ESD test system is designed to perform ESD tests up to 300 kV.

Helicopters and aircraft can be electrically charged by flying through the air and by collisions with rain, snow or dust. Additionally, raindrops and snowflakes can also generate damage and disturbance known as precipitation static (P-static).

Montena has developed a system for electrostatic discharges (ESD) up to 300 kV to test personnel and helicopter borne electrostatic parameters according to MIL-STD-331C, MIL-STD-464A or NATO AECTP-250 leaflet 253. This test equipment simulates various parameters such as ESD from personnel to munitions, helicopter landing, in-flight refuelling and static precipitation. The equipment is built on two separate movable trolleys with the discharge electrode mounted on a piston which is adjustable in height and tilt.


300kV Helicopter ESD


  • Multi-purpose movable test equipment on separate trolleys
  • Electrode adjustable in height (from 1 to 4 meters) and angle ( ± 60°)
  • Remote controlled operation for hazardous tests
  • Positive and negative polarity available
  • One system for ESD and P-static tests
  • Pulse current measurement
  • Possible charging of the EUT with the electrode grounded
  • Computer controlled or manual operation


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