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HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. is proud to be partnered with Pontis EMC offering the highest quality EMC hardened camera/audio systems and fiber-optic converters. These systems are used for optical and acoustic monitoring of devices under test (DUT) as well as interference-free data transmission of various types of signals. 

Pontis EMC's sole mission is to produce EMC hardened cameras and data extenders to transmit video and data in and out of your chamber without interfering with your sensitive emissions measurements while continuing to function flawlessly in severe EMC, HIRF, and EMP environments.

Since 1994 Pontis EMC has delivered over 700 systems to test sites and systems integrations all over the world. Constant quality management and intensive testing keep the defect rate extremely low. Only the highest quality components are used to ensure that the mechanical and the optical features of the camera systems are outstanding even in the most difficult lighting situations.

EMC Camera & Audio Systems

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EMC Cameras and Data Transmitters


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