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Cable Testing Solutions for Wind & Solar Farms

Cable Testing and Diagnostics

The fastest growing energy source in the United States is renewable energy, primarily from hydro, wind, and solar power.


High Power Solid-State RF Power Amplifiers

EMC Power Amplifiers

As more and more electronics manufacturers started taking advantage of fast-growing high-frequency technologies, product and test engineers have more and more depended on highly linear and robust broadband test equipment to m

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Sweep Frequency Response Analysis

Transformer Testing

A valuable tool for transformer diagnostics is sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA), which consists of measuring the impedance of transformer windings over a wide range of frequencies. Faults, which change either the wind


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Conducted Emissions Measurements

Industry News, Conducted Emissions Testing

We’re all well accustomed to the fact that electrical signals travel through wires and PCB traces, so it should come as no surprise that there is also such a thing as “Conducted EMI” - a Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) that travels through a conduct

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Cable Fault Location Solutions for Long Submarine and Land Cable Systems

Cable Fault Location

With the increasing emergence of renewable energy, cable links are becoming longer and longer up to several hundred miles, such as from offshore wind developments or underground land transmission lines for the clean energy po

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Winding Resistance Measurements Using the 2293

Transformer Testing, Substation Testing

Winding resistance measurements taken on transformers are essential for type, routine, and field testing. The measurements provide information of conductor losses, winding temperature at the end of a temperature test cycle, a

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IEC 61000-4-3: Radiated Immunity Testing

Radiated Immunity Testing

Radiated Immunity (RI) testing involves subjecting the electronic products to strong radiated electromagnetic (EM) fields.

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Voltage Dips & Interruptions

Conducted Immunity Testing
Voltage dips and short interruptions are events that occur due to faults in a power network by sudden changes of large loads. Voltage variations occur by continuously varying loads connected to the power network.
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PD & RIV Testing of Transformers Using the DDX 9121b

Transformer Testing, Partial Discharge Testing

Partial discharges (PD) are evidence of a degrading insulation system, and if left undetected, may eventually lead to very costly repairs or damaging and dangerous in-service failures.

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Increasing Efficiency Regulations of Distribution Transformers Requires the Use of Highly Accurate Transformer Loss Measurement Systems

Transformer Testing

Throughout the world regulatory bodies are focusing more and more on promoting energy efficient distribution transformers that are to be used in the energy transmission and distribution network.