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Founded in 2007, the company GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is a spin-off from the Institute for High-Frequency Eningeering of the Technische Universität München. By name, the founders of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS are Prof. Dr. techn. Dr. h.c. Peter Russer, Dr.-Ing. Stephan Braun and Dipl.-Ing. Arnd Frech.

GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is developer and manufacturer of the TDEMI Measurement System that uses ultra high-speed analog-to-digital converters and real-time digital signal processing systems to enable ultrafast tests and measurements for electromagnetic compliance that fulfill the demand for measurements of today’s complex electronic equipment and systems.

With the presentation of the first TDEMI Measurement System (TDEMI 1G) at the EMC Zurich 2007 Conference in Munich, GAUSS started to establish a further growing product family which covers a wide range of the demands of modern EMC testing. TDEMI is a registered brand of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS, Germany.

Also GAUSS offers customized signal processing solutions based on their established well-proven hardware and software platforms. With a strong knowledge about real-time digital technology and microwave technologies, GAUSS is developing systems that are unique in the field of test and measurement.



GAUSS develops and produces high-quality instruments made in Germany with modern technology fulfilling the requirements of complex measurement tasks. Their goal is to provide an additional benefit by accelerating test and measurement procedures, increasing the performance and providing high-quality measurement results to our customers boosting the capabilities of today’s product development.



Together, with HV Technologies, Gauss Instruments is finally introduced to the North American market with an established representative network. Schedule a demonstration of these high-speed receivers today!

Gauss Instruments' products cover the following markets: Avionics, Military, Automotive, Telecom, Commercial, CE Mark, Medical Electronics, IT Electronics, RF Test and Measurement, Protective Devices, and Components.


Products from Gauss Instruments cover the following tests: Magnetic/RF/Microwave Radiated & Conducted Emissions.