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Cable Testing Solutions for Wind & Solar Farms

The fastest-growing energy source in the United States is renewable energy, primarily from hydro, wind, and solar power. Within the group of renewable energies, solar generation is projected to be the fastest-growing source of electricity in the future, increasing from 11% to 48% by 2050 [1]. The US is also one of the largest and

High Power Solid-State RF Power Amplifiers

As more and more electronics manufacturers started taking advantage of fast-growing high-frequency technologies, product and test engineers have more and more dependent on highly linear and robust broadband test equipment to meet their ever-increasing testing needs. Further, we all know how much of a tedious and overwhelming process it is to choose a proper amplifier

Sweep Frequency Response Analysis

A valuable tool for transformer diagnostics is sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA), which consists of measuring the impedance of transformer windings over a wide range of frequencies. Faults, which change either the winding capacitances or the winding inductances, are detectable. Fault simulation programs have indicated that the following faults are detectable using SFRA: Additional turns on yoke or


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