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Learn More FRA 5311 Sweep frequency response analyzer MIDAS micro 2883 TTR 2795 / 2796 Winding Analyzer 2293 Winding resistance • Turns ratio • Tap changer (dynamic resistance)
Short circuit impedance • Arbitrary phase shift • Magnetic balance
Power Factor / tan delta • Capacitance Transformer turns ratio meters
Slide EMC Logo For up to 10 IEC Standards Modular Immunity Test Generators Learn More About IMU Series Generators Modular Partial Discharge
(PD) & Radio Interference
Voltage (RIV) detector
DDX 9121b Learn more about DDX 9121b
HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. offers nuclear
electromagnetic pulse (NEMP) simulators
from Montena Technologies
Learn About the RS105 NEMP Test System
EMSCOPE A Dual FFT Based Modal EMI Receiver LEARN MORE EMSCOPE is a new CISPR-16-1-1 compliant EMI-Test Receiver with an integrated
16-A LISN that full embodies the measurement of common- and
different-mode conducted emissions.

Latest Articles

Winding Analyzer 2293 – Your Best Solution for Winding Resistance Analysis and Turns Ratio Testing on Transformers

The Winding Analyzer 2293 is an automatic winding resistance analyzer optimized to perform routine and maintenance tests on three phase power and distribution transformers. The 2293 can perform both winding resistance and transformer turns ratio (TTR) tests without requiring any additional equipment. The unit combines excellent technical specifications and an incredibly user-friendly interface leading to

Testing Solutions for Submarine HVDC Transmission Cables

Transporting the "harvested" energy from offshore wind farms over great distances to the densely populated areas where electricity demands are high is a difficult undertaking. Subsea high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines are the future for these underwater “electricity superhighways”. HVDC can transport more electricity, but almost more importantly, more efficiently than traditional AC

DTTS from Haefely – The world’s most accurate and fastest turn-key distribution transformer test system

With the increasing emergence of green energy from wind and solar power, the center of gravity within the transformer industry has been slowly shifting from large power transformers to distribution transformers. Simultaneously regulatory bodies, such as the Department of Energy, have introduced new minimum level performance requirements so that design changes are enacted to increase


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