EMSCOPE A Dual FFT Based Modal EMI Receiver LEARN MORE EMSCOPE is a new CISPR-16-1-1 compliant EMI-Test Receiver with an integrated
16-A LISN that full embodies the measurement of common- and
different-mode conducted emissions.

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DTTS from Haefely – The world’s most accurate and fastest turn-key distribution transformer test system

With the increasing emergence of green energy from wind and solar power, the center of gravity within the transformer industry has been slowly shifting from large power transformers to distribution transformers. Simultaneously regulatory bodies, such as the Department of Energy, have introduced new minimum level performance requirements so that design changes are enacted to increase

Evaluation of Tan Delta / Power Factor Test Results

A large percentage of electrical apparatus failures are due to the deteriorated condition of the insulation. Many of these failures can be anticipated by conducting routine testing and timely maintenance. Changes in the normal capacitance of insulation indicate abnormal conditions such as the presence of a moisture layer, short circuits, or open circuits in the capacitance

Cable Testing Solutions for Wind & Solar Farms

The fastest-growing energy source in the United States is renewable energy, primarily from hydro, wind, and solar power. Within the group of renewable energies, solar generation is projected to be the fastest-growing source of electricity in the future, increasing from 11% to 48% by 2050 [1]. The US is also one of the largest and


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